Deep Encounters


Deep Encounters

Have you had a Deep Encounter?

I Love those brief but deep encounters of a moment when I meet someone; perhaps a chance encounter, nevertheless, an encounter which reaches deep into the hollow of my existence and leaves a tender feeling which warms my soul and casts a smile from the inside out!

I Love it when those encounters are with a sweet old lady full of the wisdom of God, who smiles at me and imparts a seasoned word deep into the core of my essence, a word from God which says: “I’m still sweet on you!”

I Love it when I stumble upon a man of strength, who through his eyes calms my fears and reaches out his hand to take mine or to lay it upon my shoulder, conveying God’s reinforcement…without even speaking a single word!

I Love the moment of chance meeting the tenderness of a new born baby or puppy or kitten, and the innocence in their eyes which reminds me of my own frailty in the sight of God! Deep Encounters are not by “chance” at all I presume…but they are cold drinks of water when traveling through a desert land; they are morsels of bread in the midst of a famine; flickering flames from a candle of Love in a cold cold world full of evil and hate. Serendipity moments by Design I surmise…more of fate, destiny and providence; rather than chance and coincidence!

“Deep Encounters” In Things I Love

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